Supporting your body when coming off birth control

Supporting your body when coming off birth control

Birth control can be difficult to discuss. Yes it’s a much needed option for some, but are you told exactly what it might be doing to your body? And what you should be doing to help support it? 

I was never told any of these things. After 10 years I decided to come off the pill to find myself confronted with no period for over a year! I was in my mid 20’s and as a result of coming off the pill, I developed PCOS.

I am all for choosing what is right for you, but please, please - make sure you are helping to support your body if you choose to be on the pill. 

Zinc, selenium, magnesium, B vitamins are just a few of the minerals that the pill depletes. Sadly many of us are unaware of this and the effects that can have on your body. We don’t supplement or eat the right food rich in these minerals to bring back balance. 

For a lot of women the symptoms from this can have an impact on their health and wellness. PMS, bloating, poor digestion, irregular periods and acne just to name a few. It becomes even more of a problem when you come off the pill and your body all of a sudden has to start making hormones again. Your body wants and needs these minerals more than ever at this time. 

For many women an absent period for multiple months after coming off the pill isn’t uncommon. More and more are being diagnosed with post pill PCOS - a form of PCOS that is brought on from being on the pill. If your periods were normal before going on the pill and you didn't experience side effects such as dark unwanted hair then it is likely you have post pill PCOS.

The good news is that you can support your body. 

Supporting your metabolism and ensuring you are eating enough protein, fats and carbohydrates is your starting point. Aka the crux of happy hormones. Nourishing your hormones with the right food can make a huge difference to the severity of your hormones.

We want to make sure that you are eating foods rich in zinc, including pumpkin seeds, fish, chickpeas, eggs and seeds. 

Try to take magnesium every day. I like to use our Wholesome Co magnesium spray on my neck and lower back at night. You can also add more magnesium rich foods like cacao, spinach, quinoa and almonds to your diet. 


The pill also disrupts your gut so including things like Slippery elm and collagen helps soothe the digestive system. Need some help? Try our digestive soothe blend.

We also have our post birth control bundle which many find a great place to start 

What do you think? Did you know this? Have you recently come off the pill?

If you need support balancing your hormones then our nourish your hormones course is for you. Following the same food based hormone protocol, I used to restore health, wellness and heal my hormones - the programme is designed to break down the fundamentals and provide you with access to all the resources and 1:1 specialist advice you need to have happier healthier lifestyle. Hop on the waitlist to be the first to hear when we launch.

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