Is your metabolism healthy?

Is your metabolism healthy?
“I can’t lose weight my metabolism is so slow” sound familiar?

Here’s the thing. A healthy metabolism is the key to happy hormones. If your metabolism is up the whack then all those other symptoms like bloating, pms and hormonal imbalances won’t go away until the root of the problem is fixed.

So how do you know if your metabolism is functioning as it should be? 🧐🧐

Dr Broda Barnes a well known Dr who specialised in thyroid health believed that an indication of good health was a high metabolic rate. He believed that when our metabolism is functioning as it should be we should:

🍍Have a warm body temp of 36.6-37 degrees celcius
🥥 good digestion aka no bloating or gas
🍍daily vowel movements
🥥glowing skin and hair
🍍strong teeth and nails
🥥 a healthy sex drive
🍍happy balanced hormones aka no extreme PMS
🥥calm mind and a feeling of happiness
🍍good quality sleep
🥥 energy that lasts all day
🍍 healthy immune system

Now I know your looking at that list and thinking well that’s pretty much A level of health.. right?! But here’s the thing. When our metabolism is working as it should be then we should be feeling freaking great as our body is working as it should be.

Still with me? I want you to ask yourself do you think your metabolism is happy? Let me know 

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