Heavy Periods

Heavy Periods

Heavy periods, painful periods that interfere with your daily life shouldn’t be something you have to deal with each month. Getting to the bottom of your heavy periods and identifying the root cause is possible!


So how heavy is too heavy when it comes to the menstrual phase of your cycle? 


-       Changing tampons/pads more than every 2 hours

-       Needing to change menstrual products throughout the night

-       Wearing double menstrual products

-       Bleeding clots larger than a 50 cent coin


Causes of heavy periods:


Like all imbalances within the body, heavy periods are multi-factorial, meaning they may have many different causes and contributing factors.


Endometriosis, PCOS, anovulatory cycles (a cycle without ovulation) and excess estrogen are some of the most common causes. 


So what can you do?


Note: It’s important to check in with your GP if your heavy periods are interfering with your daily life! There are many conditions related to heavy periods, such as endometriosis that can cause heavy periods. 


Excess estrogen – heavy periods can be a sign of excess estrogen. Supporting detoxification to breakdown estrogen by eating enough protein, regular bowel movements and eating foods that will support the liver (cruciferous vegetables). Supporting detoxification is key for regulating estrogen and easing heavy periods. 


Factors that contribute to excess estrogen:

-       Constipation

-       Refined foods (sugar, refined carbs)

-       Excess alcohol

-       Caffeine

-       Environmental toxins

-       Stress


Support ovulation – the body needs to make enough progesterone in order to ovulate each month. Zinc, magnesium and B vitamins are important for ovulation, as well as eating ENOUGH food and supporting your stress response. Stress is a huge factor in causing anovulatory cycles! 


Reduce inflammation – avoiding dairy (A1 casein) has been shown to make periods lighter by reducing inflammation. You can still include butter and goats milk products as they contain A2 casein, which has a different affect on the body. 

Supplements and herbal support to consider for heavy periods:

-       Magnesium and zinc to reduce inflammation and support ovulation.

-       The Wholesome Co Hormone Balance blend – rich in fiber and essential minerals to support estrogen detoxification and encourage ovulation.

-       Herbal formula – we would recommend anti-inflammatory and liver supportive herbs, such as Dandelion, Schisandra and Withania. 

In other exciting news…

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