How Stress is impacting our cycle

How Stress is impacting our cycle

That horrible right tense stomach, pounding tension headaches, jittery and on edge. Sound familiar? These are all symptoms of what we like to call STRESS! 


I know all to well about these symptoms. In fact there was a point in my life when it got so bad that my body burnt out. I was sick all the time, heading to the chiropractor for daily migraines and I had a sense of overwhelm. I’ve come to realize that stress and my body don’t mix. It causes my body to become inflamed and lead to an array of health issues. 

So why are so many of us stressed and how is this impacting our cycle? 

One of the most common causes of PMS is stress. So many women are living in a fast paced lifestyle, rushing around never stopping that it can bring on the horrible PMS. I’m talking about the symptoms you get before and during your period. Bloating, acne, headaches, mood swings and more!

As women we forget that we have a system (our reproductive system) that needs nurturing. We need to listen to it to and slow down at certain times of the month. Modern life has us thinking that we can do anything at any time. Which is a great concept BUT there are times that our body needs us to sloooooww down!

Stress inhibits our bodies natural way to regulate hormones effectively. All the extra flight or fight hormones such as cortisol can improvise other hormones such as progesterone from functioning as it should. This can cause progesterone to dip during the luteal phase and then we all of a sudden don't feel so happy about things. This is because progesterone is our feel good hormone! Estrogen takes over. Progesterone is the one hormone many women are low in as cortisol and estrogen take over.

It all requires BALANCE. 

Our  hormones are meant to keep our body functioning as nature intended, this is why as women our amazing bodies will notice if something isn’t right and send us a message to listen up! Aka crappy pms symptoms! 

The problem is that many of us believe that our cycles are a problem, we don't want the inconvenience, the pain, the problems that we believe are ‘normal’ symptoms. We are led to believe that periods are horrible and that we should be miserable every month! I’m going to tell you something. They shouldn’t be like this!!! 

What to do: Firstly we need to change our mindset. Believing that these things happen puts stress on us. We feel anxious and moody each month. Start to listen to your body instead.

What is it trying to tell you...

Why might it be giving you this message...

Is there anything you have changed...

Start to learn to slow down. Take that five minutes to just stop and do nothing 

Breathe. I’m talking deep belly breathing. When we do this we instantly tell our bodies we are safe and ok. 

Try incorporate some stress boosting herbs such as ashwghanda and chamomile. You might like our stress and mind blend to incorporate into your  diet easily. 

Know that PMS is not normal and that soon you will have months that are not a burden, it’s about listening to your body and giving it what it needs. 

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