MIGRAINES! 🤦🏽‍♀️😭🤮 


That horrible pounding head, the soon to be nausea, the mood drop and irritable off feeling.. next minute full blown migraine. 


They are nasty and something no ones wants to experience. I’ve had my fair share, mostly around my period and when stress hits me, however I have found some triggers and solutions to share with you?! 


Migraines can be caused in the pms stage due to a rise of to much estrogen which stimulates the brain. There are lots of causes of excess estrogen such as diet and lifestyle that can be worked on.


More than 50% of women experience these kinds of migraines or headaches due to the change in hormones. The natural drop in estrogen at these times can trigger pain in relation to the progesterone levels


I can tell you I’ve tried lots over my years and there are some things that can help relieve symptoms. Sometimes all I need is a dark room, but I find if I add these to my diet leading up to my period then the severity and frequency as to which I get them reduces. Remember our bodies require all the nutrients to have balanced hormones ❤️ 


💫 MAGNESIUM is super important! Foods high in this are cacao, avocado, nuts and seeds, bananas and spinach. Magnesium oil is also great as well as tablets. Aim for more than 300mg if you feel one coming on. I like to roll our magnesium oil on my neck 


I nibble on cacao nibs as they have so much magnesium in them! 


❤️WOMENS HORMONE BLEND - this blend contains all the ingredients I used myself to help heal my hormones. I spent a year researching and testing to see what helped. The blend contains some of the key nutrients I have spoken of in this article. It really is amazing. 


❤️OMEGA FATTY ACIDS- I harp on about these all the time but up your intake. Try a fish oil tablet, or hemp seed oil! 💫 - I like to sprinkle our hemp seeds onto lots of my meals.


❤️NATURAL ANTI INFLAMMATORY Turmeric is amazing, you can even get it in pill form these days. Cinnamon is also great too as is ginger, I make myself a warm tea or almond milk with these in it. I chop up a piece of turmeric if I can get it with cinnamon, honey and like to add some lemon balm which also helps with muscle tension. You might also like our Anti Inflammatory Blend.


💫 WATER - You’ll probably find your super thirsty so give your body what it wants 


💫 OSTEOPATH . I often find my migraine hits me in my lower neck/head and instantly find some relief getting it addressed by an expert 


💫 PEPPERMINT OIL. I inhale it and also dab some on my temples diluted. 


❤️Vitamin B2 - this helps normalise serotonin, I like to keep on top of my B vitamins by sprinkling our

B complex powder onto my salads and any meal really! 


I’d love to know what your secret weapon is?! 


I’ve also shared my smoothie recipe below as it is a lifesaver with all the fats and magnesium! 


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