Are your hormones balanced?

Are your hormones balanced?


I often get messages asking are my hormones balanced..?

I want to start by saying that any symptoms such as PMS, bloating, headaches etc are not generally ‘normal’. They are a sign from your body that something is not balanced. What might be normal for you might also not be nor-
mal for someone else. Some women will experience pain free cycles while others will experience discomfort.

What symptoms should you not be experiencing?
If you have any of the following for more than one to two days then something is out of balance.

Mood change

So what causes these? Hormone fluctuations such as the rise and drop in hormones estrogen and progesterone,
Lack in nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, Vitamin C, selenium, B6, thyroid health, insulin issues, lifestyle factors such as high stress and poor diet.

Generally speaking you want to make sure you are ovulating each cycle. Ovulation is not only important for fertilty but health in general. When we ovulate as women our bodies are generally healthy and doing what it should be. If you are ovulation then your insulin levels are balanced, your thyroid is generally working efficiently and your stress levels are not at a level to interfere with your hormones.

Ovulation is hindered when hormones become unbalanced. Contraception also stops ovulation from happening.

You might also notice that your body takes a long time to rebalance and ovulate after coming off any form of contraception.

Foods such as gluten, dairy and any inflammatory foods can also cause imbalances which then stop ovulation from happening.

Generally speaking if you are experiencing the above symptoms, are not getting a period or ovulating then it is pretty likely that you have a hormonal imbalance.

So what can you do?

You can begin to make some changes to the food that you eat, hormones need and require certain foods and minerals.

You can also join the waiting list for our hormone support programme and our consults that are opening up in July! 

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