I recall a time that I felt stressed, didn’t know what true health meant and thought that being healthy was going on a diet and eating low fat food. I now know this was far from what health means to me now.

I am so passionate about food and how we can enjoy it while also getting the nutrients into our body that we require to live fully, glow and feel amazing!

Good food should be enjoyed. It should be easy, taste good and supper your body. Getting things like omega fatty acids into you doesn’t have to be difficult. I believe that you can add things like flaxseed, chia, nuts and more into your baking or food to reap the benefits! “Let food be thy medicine”.

When your body is healthy on the inside it begins to radiate, is balanced and balanced.

Inspirational health advocate and passionate foodie Lauryce Moore, founded The Wholesome Co. with a vision to provide busy, everyday people with nutritious wholefood baking kits and ready mixes, to make baking at home not only delicious but wholesome and easy!

Having previously experienced Chronic Fatigue, hormonal and autoimmune conditions known as lupus, plus Fibromyalgia (musculoskeletal pain), Lauryce earned first-hand the significant role that nutrition and wellness plays in our health and wellbeing. Inspired to overcome her illness, Lauryce set out to study health and nutrition and naturopathy. She became a women’s hormone health expert.. Her extensive array of experience blossomed into the vision for The Wholeosme Co.