The Wholesome Co is here to help you on your journey to balanced hormones.

We are a hormone health company here to educate and support your hormones, estrogen dominance, eliminate PMS, regulate your cycle, reduce stress, support your mood and so much more.

It is believed that 90% of the population experience period and hormonal symptoms every month. We are here to help you experience fewer and feel good every single day. 

Our wholefood hormone blends are NZ made and manufactured with nutrient dense ingredients and herbs to help your cycle.

If you’ve been trying everything to feel your best during your cycle then we have some good news for you. Once you add the right nutrients in then everything begins to align. 

I have spent the past 10 years learning, studying and everything I could to learn more about hormonal imbalances and how i could heal my own PCOS and hormone imbalances. 

I recall a time that I felt stressed, didn’t know what true health meant and thought that being healthy was going on a diet and eating low fat food. I now know this was far from what health means to me now.

When your body is healthy on the inside it begins to radiate, is balanced and balanced.

Having previously experienced Chronic Fatigue, hormonal and autoimmune conditions known as lupus, plus Fibromyalgia (musculoskeletal pain), I earned first-hand the significant role that nutrition and wellness plays in our health and wellbeing. Inspired to overcome her illness, I set out to study health and nutrition and naturopathy and become an expert in hormone health.

Today The Wholesome Co is more than just me. It is my herbalist and naturopath team and you our amazing customers who continue to make The Wholesome Co what it is today. 

 x Lauryce - Founder The Wholesome Co