Raw Raspberry Brownie

Raw Raspberry Brownie

Raw Raspberry Brownie


1 cup dates

1⁄2 cup cashews

1⁄2 cup almonds

1⁄2 cup coconut

1⁄2 cup cacao powder


Raspberry Ingredients

1⁄4 cup coconut oil

1⁄4 cup cacao butter or alternately extra coconut oil

1⁄4 cup honey/maple syrup/rice malt syrup

2⁄3 cup coconut cream

3 tbsp freeze dried raspberry powder or crushed freeze dried raspberries

(you can also use 1⁄2 cup frozen raspberries instead)

Chocolate Ingredients

1⁄2 cup coconut oil

1⁄4 cup cacao powder

1⁄4 cup carob powder

1⁄3 cup rice malt/maple or honey

1⁄4 cup freeze dried raspberries

1⁄4 cup coconut chips

1 tsp pure vanilla essence



Soak the dates in a bowl of warm water for five minutes or until soft.

Place the remaining ingredients into a food processor and blitz until it

is a fine crumb. Drain the dates and add the mixture too the food

processor. Whizz until it combines. Line a 30x20 baking tray with

baking paper and press the base mix into the tin. Freeze.

Raspberry Filling

In a saucepan melt the cacao butter and add 1⁄4 cup coconut oil. Add 1⁄4

cup your choice of sweetener. Add in the raspberry powder mix and

whisk until combined. Add 2⁄3 cup coconut cream and whisk well or blitz

in blender until combined. Pour 1⁄2 of the raspberry mixture over the top

of the base and return to freezer.

Chocolate Topping

Melt 1⁄2 Coconut oil and choice of sweetener, add in the remaining

ingredients and whisk well. Pour over the top of the raspberry layer.

Sprinkle the raspberry coconut mixture over the top. Freeze. Once set

you will need to drizzle the remaining raspberry mix over the top.

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