How to deal with PMS cravings

How to deal with PMS cravings

PMS cravings suck. 



We are fighting biology as we naturally crave carbohydrate heavy and sugar laden foods in our cycle -  so if we are trying to stick to healthy eating this can be even more difficult.


BUT there are things we can do - here are 5 tips to help:


1. Vitex or chaste tree can really help with balancing your cycle. This means it can help with the reduction of cravings and the severity of the pms symptoms. Chaste tree supports healthy dopamine levels (better mood and motivation) it helps to also support a healthy progesterone and estrogen ratio. You can find this in our PMS elixir.


2. Magnesium. It is so so so important. It is needed for 300 enzyme action in the body, it helps with energy metabolism and supports the nervous system. We need to replace magnesium daily - caffeine and stress deplete it daily. A good quality magnesium supplement or topical magnesium can help to build up your levels. Eat dark green leafy foods as they are high in magnesium also.


3. You may have the specific PMS (PMS-C) for carbohydrate cravings. It can also come with headaches, palpitations and excessive sweating (lucky us). If this is you - blood sugar balancing is your friend. Eat a good quality fat and greens with every meal. Focus on Low Gi foods that have more fibre so they will not release a whole lot of sugar in your system unlike refined carbs...


4. Stop adding in more soy! Soy is a phytoestrogen you dont need to add to the estrogen imbalance, so look at labels (soy is in a lot of food, don't use soy milk). 


5. Have something bitter. This will activate your bitter taste receptors in your GI tract and brain and this will actually help to stop the cravings. True! Try it. Bitter things are - apple cider vinegar, globe artichoke, calendula etc you could make up a strong tea and use that.

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