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Womens Wellness Box Monthly Subscription

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Jan Hormone Baking Box  

Over $150 in Value 

Women's Wellness is more than just healthy food. It is about wellness, hormones, natural skincare, mindset and more.
Every month we choose a topic or product unique to women’s health and wellness. As a woman our hormones and health is so important to keep balanced and therefore everything in these monthly boxes is designed to help support a healthy you!

Our products are designed to help with energy, hormones and bring your vitality back!

🌸Learn how you can bake delicious hormone friendly recipes. We have included our new recipe ebook for you to start your journey to baking without hormone triggering ingredients such as dairy and gluten. 


🌸Includes free shipping - over $150 in value.

🌸Our new all purpose chocolate chunk baking mix! Make muffins, cakes, brownies, you name it! $25

🌸Our famous chocolate glowing skin blend. This is a great blend to add to any baking! $30

🌸Ingredients - one 250ml jar of pure maple syrup $10 

🌸500g Brown rice flour - a staple ingredient from our recipe ebook $10

🌸 250g organic carob powder - A delicious chocolate powder to add to your baking $10

🌸Our new Recipe Ebook! Full of delicious wholesome recipes! $20

🌸1 Mystery Freebie! 



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One box is shipped monthly.To make sure you dont miss out on each months box you can sign up to the subscription to be automatically sent a new box at the end of each month 

You are charged upon purchase and then again on the 20th of each month if you are on a subscription You will not be charged twice in the same month if you purchase before the 20th.

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