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MY MONTHLY BOX - supporting balanced cycles

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My Monthly Box

Supporting Balanced Cycles

A monthly box of support products, health blends and information designed to provide your body with the essential nutrients, support and energy boosts it needs at various stages through your cycle.
The first curated box to support each phase of your cycle with your lifestyle!
My ‘Monthly’ Box is here to make the journey to balanced hormones, increased energy and wellness easy.
  • Learn about the 4 phases of your cycle
  • Which foods to increase
  • When to increase them
  • Have our curated hormone support products sent to your door step
When you purchase 'My Monthly Box' we break down the four phases of your cycle, so you learn which foods support hormones, reduce PMS symptoms AND when to include more of them. As well as providing you with our carefully curated hormone support products.

There’s four phases to a woman’s cycle - menstruation, follicular, ovulation and luteal. At each phase your hormones are changing and require various minerals to help them. For example during your luteal phase or the “PMS” phase you want to help boost progesterone - the feel good hormone.

But what’s happening to your body during these times is the main reason why we want to balance hormones and cycles.  Our bodies are capable of creating life and a woman’s cycle is the preparation that happens in order for that amazing phenomenon to happen. When our bodies aren’t as finely tuned as they could or should be, we start to feel the symptoms we know as PMS, bloating, headaches, heavy bleeding and so on.

So supporting your body with foods that it loves and needs is part of how we balance out our hormones and cycles.

Cacao is jam packed -full of magnesium, a key nutrient we lose when we get our period.  Magnesium helps to relax our muscles and support cramps, it also assists with  our nervous system and keeps our digestive tract moving in the right direction. When we crave chocolate it is often our body telling us it needs some magnesium! Enjoy this baking mix during your period and hopefully help with those chocolate cravings
My monthly box makes it easy for you to know exactly what food and nutrients to support new your cycle at each phase. Each product indicates which stage of your cycle you can use it in. * you can also enjoy this box and products if you are not tracking your cycle. * GF gluten free. 
  • Over $100 in value
  • 1 x raw snickers mix GF
  • 1 x Seed crackers mix GF
  • 1 x support ingredients - Slippery elm and ground pumpkin  powder (GF) 
  • 1 x support ingredients - Cacao nibs GF) 
  • 1 x  daily wellness blend sample pot  
  • 2 skin sync face oil samples 
  • 1 x Ebook - Understanding your cycle 



    This box is available to purchase until Sunday 10th Nov and will be dispatched the following week or before 



    If this is your first box, please leave a note in the notes section and the team will email you your Free Period tracking guide if you wish to receive one. 


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