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Fibre is so important for good gut health, digestion and stabilising blood sugar levels. Fibre helps to slow digestion, keep you full and allows your body to release insulin more slowly, which keeps your blood sugars from spiking. Your body, hormones and gut will love and thank you for adding this to your daily routine.



Psyllium husk, hemp protein powder, ground chia seeds, ground flaxseed, slippery elm, ground sunflower flour.



For general well-being use 1-2 tsp daily.
Use 1-2 tablespoons when the body needs more support. Uses: add to water, food, baking or smoothies.



For longer shelf life we recommend keeping in the fridge, otherwise keep out of direct sunlight. 


Potenial allergies:

These mixes are made on the same premise that process tree nuts, dairy, seeds and soy. It may contain allergen ingredients from equipment used. Whilst extreme care is taken, traces may be found.


Size options available

35g Sample pots 

150g Jars

150g refill option (Our refill option is the perfect way to top up your Jar) 




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