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HEALTH BLEND - Cleanse and Reset

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 Our delicious cleanse blend is designed to help cleanse the body of waste and help to improve energy.

It is a fantastic source of Vitamin C with sources coming from the wonder fruit camu camu, omega fatty acids and fibre.

Kelp is an amazing food that is naturally high in iodine that is essential for brain health and detoxifying.

Designed to support your body to help it detox more efficiently. We choose to use wholesome ingredients, like pumpkin seeds, that are high in zinc which is essential for adrenal and liver health.


Ground quinoa, chia seed powder, ground flaxseed, ground pumpkin seeds, ground sunflower seeds, freeze dried passionfruit, freeze dried orange, freeze dried lemon, freeze dried pineapple powder, psyllium husk, camu camu powder, kelp powder.

 Serving suggestion:

For general well-being use 1-2 tsp daily.
Use 1-2 tablespoons when the body needs more support. Uses: add to water, food, baking or smoothies.

 Potenial allergies:

These mixes are made on the same premise that process tree nuts, dairy, seeds and soy. It may contain allergen ingredients from equipment used. Whilst extreme care is taken, traces may be found.


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