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Raw Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Bites Mix




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Product Description

“chewy fudgey chocolate brownie bites, made with almonds and cacao powder rolled in freeze dried raspberries”

We make it easy to make your own healthy snacks. This mix makes delicious brownie balls rolled in freeze dried raspberry powder with chunks of coconut sap chocolate are super quick to make and taste good. They are made from all natural ingredients and will help fill you up when those sugar cravings kick in. 

None of the bad stuff are in these treats. Just real natural ingredients that are raw, refined sugar free, gluten and dairy free. You can whip these up and enjoy them as a snack, in your lunch or just as a treat!

  • Makes approx 20 balls depending on size
  • Just add, maple syrup or rice syrup and coconut oil.

You can even choose to make these bites into a slice and drizzle with fresh chia berry jam and chocolate or get as creative as you like!


cashews, almonds, coconut ,cacao powder, carob powder, dates, vanilla powder, coconut sap chocolate, freeze dried raspberries

** PLEASE NOTE -These are made to order and are shipped off each Thursday in conjunction with our weekly baking kits.


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