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Double Chocolate Mix


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It is here, our delicious mix that can be used to make a fudgey slice or bliss balls! With Trade Aid dark chocolate drops and carob and dutch cocoa this slice is going to be one that will have you begging for more.

Ingredients: Oat flour, ground almonds, dutch cocoa powder, carob powder, trade aid chocoalte drops, ground linseed, ground chia seed, rapadura sugar

Makes one slice or 15-20 bliss balls

You need to add: Coconut oil or butter, maple syrup or rice syrup or honey (nut butter additional can be used in place of some of the oil/butter)

*Please note

These are sent in conjunction with out subscription mixes.

Orders are shipped off from the Wed/Thursday to arrive to you by Sunday if not sooner. The prices are per KIT and are listed on the Website. The prices of the Bags are inclusive of GST. All amounts are in New Zealand dollars.

it will be delivered to your door, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. All the ingredients are sealed in a bag and are shelf stable.

Orders are shipped to get to you by the desired delivery day (Sunday) and we endeavour to get your baking kit to you on time, however, delivery times and days of your local couriers are beyond our control once they have left our possession.


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