Fix Your Period

Feeling stuck and with no idea what's going on in your bod?

We got you.

We get you.

Periods, hormones and your cycle can be mega confusing! But that's why we are here.

To make it easier.

To make it make sense.

To make you realise you can feel good again.

Take control of your period - and we'll support you on your hormone healing journey.

Who else thought it was 'normal' to be in pain each month? Who else thought irregular periods were something we have to deal with? Who else thought PMS, headaches, acne, and low energy are just part of being a woman?

Here's the thing… None of this is true.

You don't need to dread your period each month. Our bodies are super smart, but they sure do let us know when something is up! These symptoms are messages that your body needs help. It might need more nutrients. Or maybe you need a little downtime.

Hormones need consistency, to be nurtured, given the right foods, minerals, and to be balanced.

The four key pillars of essential hormone health.

1. Understanding your cycle
2. Lifestyle and wellness
3. Hormone Nutrition
4. Aiding the body's filtering systems

We teach you about these and making easy changes for your hormones.

Need some help and support?

Here are our top options to get you started on your journey.

My Monthly Box

A monthly box of health support products, blends and information designed to give you essential nutrients, and energy boosts for the various stages of your cycle.


1:1 Wholesome Co Consults

Options for mini and full consultations to help you progress your health and wellness goals faster. Work with us to find out where to start, what to eat, and what your body may need.


The Hormone Guide ebook

A book for those wanting to learn more, broken down into a fantastic resource to help on your hormone journey. Determine the whys, the hows, and what the next steps in your hormone path might be.


Our Range Of Products