Hormone Support Membership


How many of you experience PMS, Period problems, Bloating, Breakouts, Cravings, Irregular periods... the list goes on! 

With our Hormone Support Membership we teach you how to have:

Balanced hormones 

Glowing Skin


Amazing Moods 


Take control of your period - and we'll support you on your hormone healing journey.

Who else thought it was 'normal' to be in pain each month? Who else thought irregular periods were something we have to deal with? Who else thought PMS, headaches, acne, and low energy are just part of being a woman?

Here's the thing… None of this is true.

You don't need to dread your period each month. Our bodies are super smart, but they sure do let us know when something is up! These symptoms are messages that your body needs help. It might need more nutrients. Or maybe you need a little downtime.

Hormones need consistency, to be nurtured, given the right foods, minerals, and to be balanced.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Get your first three boxes delivered to your door. 

We have chosen the specific products to help you on the start of your journey. for the first 3 months. There is no need to rush around trying to find xyz product we have it all in your box of goodness. 

Step 2:  Your Learning Journey 

Get full access to our online programme and recipe and lifestyle hub to help you learn what your cycle symptoms mean, what your symptoms are and our tool kit of ways to help relieve your hormone concerns such as irregular periods, cramps, bloating, PMS and more.

Step 3: Hormone Loving Foods

Get access to our recipe hub with hormone loving suggestions and tips. We add new info to this every month!

Why Join Our Hormone Support Membership?

Because we want everyone to have an amazing experience and feel empowered to make changes to their hormones we have added our recipe & lifestyle hub to your membership for FREE! This will not be free forever!

You also get our Skin Sync Trial Kit free with your first support box valued at $83!!

Your membership is valued over $300 per month but is only $147 for founding members who join before Sunday. It will not be staying this price for long so if you want to make serious changes to your hormones with our full support, guiding you on your journey then now is the time.

We make it easy to help you get the goodness in. 

Think of your monthly box as your essentials to happy hormones.

By joining the membership to our hormone support box and hub you'll feel more confident about your cycle, learning what your body does and does not love and how you can make changes easily

You have myself and my team of naturopaths/nutritionists to help guide you through your journey to happy hormones. 


Not sure if it's for you?

Read below to see how our membership works.

Online Hormone Support Programme

Your membership includes access to our signature online programme where we teach you the foundation of happy hormones over 3 modules. 

This membership is for you if you are Wanting to understand and balance your hormones, affordable access to  naturopaths and nutritionists 

Monthly Deliveries

Month One - Your Cycle

You will receive 

Hormone Blend 

PMS  Elixier 

De Bloat Tea

Calm Oil 

Skin Sync Trial Kit 


I've learnt over time that no one really has the time to take part in a big programme or detox or challenge and to be honest it can be super daunting and never really gets results. 

What we do have time for is bite sized tibets of valuable info each week that can be easily incorporated into our lifestyle. 

That's where the online hub comes in. 

Delicious recipes that help your hormones

Simple easy hormone loving tips dropped into your inbox

We teach you what to eat during each phase of your cycle with new recipes, shopping lists and meal plans each month. Plus get advice directly from our team including time for Q&A on our monthly chats in our private group. 

Never diet again! Learn how to eat to support your body during each phase of your cycle.

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