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Made with the goodness of oat flour and almonds, this versatile mix can be used to make an array of wholesome, tasty treats.

Our baking mixes are full of protein, fats and fibre to help keep you full for longer and stabilise your blood sugar levels.

We also added in the amazing, caramel tasting superfood - Lucuma which is rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin B3. The hint of vanilla will excite your tastebuds and is a great afternoon snack or treat.

Easy mix and roll. Vegan. Wheat free. Refined sugar free.

INFORMATION: Vanilla fudge mix || makes 20+ balls depending on size OR a 20x20 slice.

INGREDIENTS: Ground almonds, oat flour, vanilla powder, lucuma, ground flaxseed

POTENTIAL ALLERGENS: Contains Nuts. These mixes are blended on the same premises as other blends and mixes that may contain allergen ingredients from equipment used. Whilst extreme care is taken, there may be traces.

ADD ON OPTIONS to add into your mix or use as a garnish

  • Chocolate drops (Base Mix + $4)
  • Chocolate buttons (Base Mix + $3)
  • Freeze dried raspberries (Base Mix + $2)
  • Freeze dried strawberry powder 5g (Base Mix + $2)
  • Freeze dried passionfruit powder 5g (Base Mix + $2)
  • Cranberry Crunch - cranberries, coconut chips, cacao nibs (Base Mix + $4)
  • Fruit & Nut  - sliced almonds-dried apricots-coconut (Base Mix + $4.50)
  • Hormone Loving Scroggin 50g- almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, coconut chips, ground linseed, apple sweetened cranberries, cacao nibs, puffed buckwheat, ground chia powder, (Base Mix + $4) 
  • Protein punch - The Wholesome Co chocolate protein blend 10g (Base Mix + $2)


Add on our passionfruit powder and the fruit + nut mix to create a delicious slice of summer

Add on our chocolate buttons to melt and make a fudgey cookie choc slice

Add on our freeze dried raspberries and roll the balls in them for a tangy hit

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