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Strawberry Bounty Bar Recipe

July 08, 2018

Strawberry Bounty Bar Recipe

Freeze dried strawberry and raspberry bounty bars  

Refined sugar free | Vegan | Gluten free

This delicious bar will remind you of a cherry ripe and a bounty. Filled with delicious freeze dried strawberries

Bounty Bar

2 cups coconut

1 tbsp freeze dried strawberry powder

1 tbsp freeze dried raspberry powder (or 2 of one flavour)

¼ cup rice syrup or honey

2 tbsp melted coconut oil

½ cup coconut cream


⅓ cup rice syrup or maple syrup

¼ cup coconut oil

¼ cup cacao butter or an additional ¼ cup coconut oil

⅛ cup carob powder

¼ cup cacao or cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla


¼ cup crushed freeze dried strawberries

2 tbsp coconut chips

Food processor optional for a finer consistency.

  1. Place all the filling ingredients into a bowl or food processor and mix well until combined
  2. Place all of the mixture into a lined 20x20 baking tin and place in the freezer.
  3. Meanwhile you can now make the chocolate. Melt the cacao butter and coconut oil in a small pot over a low heat.
  4. Add in the rice syrup and the remaining chocolate ingredients whisk well.
  5. Take the coconut bar out of the freezer and cut into even sized bars and place on a plate or tray lined with baking paper
  6. Dip each bar carefully into the chocolate mixture and carefully place onto the tray
  7. Once you have dipped each chocolate bar sprinkle with the freeze dried raspberry, strawberry and coconut
  8. Place back in the freezer until set and store in an airtight box in the fridge or freezer

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