How to support Perimenopause

When does Perimenopause start and what can you do?

How can you reduce the symptoms?

I wanted to share about Perimenopause and about our new blend coming soon!

Yes Perimenopause can start around 35, but for some it won’t. It can be problematic for some and again not for some. The main goal is always to support your body with the nutrients, minerals and support it needs through your whole hormone/cycle journey.

When you begin to enter this phase your hormones essentially begin to resemble a rollercoaster. Up, down, up down and the yo-yo of this is what leaves you feeling pretty crappy.

That’s why overall wellness is key 🔑

✔️supporting the body with stressors

✔️adding in more protein, carbs, fats and fibre
✔️supporting the body with herbs and adaptogens
✔️learning more about your cycle
✔️supporting the liver with butter foods
✔️help your digestive system

The goal is to always support the body along the way. To add in the depleted minerals and what it needs.

That’s why our blends are more than just a tablet. They are a wholefood nutrition based approach!

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